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Wake Up And Smell The Coffee

Coffee lovers the world over know that there is no better way to wake up than with the smell of freshly ground coffee . . . closely followed by the taste. I know that I, and many thousands of other people like me don’t even function until at least three cups of the delightful brown stuff has gone down my throat in the mornings, and whereas some people will drink any old excuse for a cup of coffee . . . more and more people are becoming connoisseurs and discovering the true pleasures of gourmet coffee . . . . now that’s a drink worth getting up for in the mornings. Some like it strong and black, some like it hot and sweet, some like it over ice and some like it with froth which leaves a delightful creamy moustache.

Gourmet coffee shops are springing up on street corners in towns and cities across the globe, waking up our taste buds and bringing exciting new smells and flavors to tantalize our taste buds. Hmmmm, it used to be the bakery which had the monopoly on aromas floating out of the shop doorway . . . but not any more my friend . . . gourmet coffee shops . . . you can smell ’em a mile away.

Gourmet Coffee – Which is Best

Gourmet Coffee simply refers to coffee with a superior flavor, the individual aroma and characteristics of your favorite coffee blend. Gourmet coffee is also, not surprisingly, more expensive than other blends, but hey, you gets what you pays for . . . growing, cultivating and blending this gourmet coffee isn’t exactly a piece of cake you know. Oooh, who said cake . . . coffee and cake, now there’s a winning combination.

Gourmet coffee starts at the very beginning, with the gourmet coffee bean! These coffee beans are of the very highest quality, two main types of coffee bean make up the majority of the gourmet coffee on offer around the world . . . Arabica and Robusta.¬† They’re particularly suited to the climate and soil in the equatorial regions, so that’s where they’re mainly grown.

  • Arabica coffee – is the favorite of many coffee connoisseurs the world over. The blend typically has 50% caffeine and a wonderful, rounded, well balanced flavor. Originally grown in the¬†mountainous regions of Ethiopia, Sudan and Yemen it is now grown in many other areas across the globe, usually at altitudes between 1000 and 2000 meters. It’s pretty expensive because it has a much lower yield than other crops . . . quality not quantity is what Arabica gourmet coffee is all about.
  • Robusta coffee – is a cheaper variety of gourmet coffee, with a higher yield than the Arabica coffee trees. The taste of this gourmet coffee is a little stronger with rather a woody aftertaste but it makes it a great base for many other blends, as well as lots of the instant coffee powders available today.

Other Areas of Gourmet Coffee

Other areas which are definitely worth a mention when talking about gourmet coffee are Hawaii – The Hawaiian Kona Coffee is quite famous for its delicious, rich flavor and aromatic excellence. It’s grown on the slopes of Mauna Loa and Hualalai Mountain in Hawaii, maybe the volcanic ash has something to do with its unique and refreshing flavor.

A feature on gourmet coffee would not be complete without a mention for the delicious Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee. Grown in the volcanic soils of Jamaica, the cool misty climate in this region makes this gourmet coffee a connoisseurs treat across the globe.

So what are you waiting for. Gourmet coffee is not all the same, each coffee bean has individual characteristics which go to make the flavor and aroma of your favorite cuppa’, blended by the finest and most experienced coffee workers in the world, one sip and you’ll be hooked. Gourmet coffee is coffee . . . and then some!

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